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Junior Kickers sessions are designed to teach children the fundamentals of football in a controlled and safe environment with the emphasis being on fun and enjoyment. 


We recognise that coaching children of a young age presents its own unique set of challenges primarily due to their short attention span, less developed muscles and immaturity. Our sessions are designed to cater for these different skill levels so every child can get the most out of their session. Games are tailored to their age-specific abilities and promote the development of individual skills rather than team skills, which will come later. Each session is geared around touching the ball as many times as possible. Basic skills such as running, skipping and hopping are emphasised, improving ball control and general movement.


We encourage participation from boys and girls and welcome children of all abilities as our sessions are designed to give young children a positive experience through Football. Our unique sessions also encourage the development of children’s motor skills such as spatial awareness, balance and coordination.


Your child will become part of a group, this will help your child learn valuable communication skills, teamwork and co-operation and provide lots of interaction with other children. It’s never about winning at Junior Kickers, it's about having a great time. We believe starting sports at a young age will promote a healthy life and above all, we recognise that all our Junior Kickers love the football games we play!




Onchan Community Centre

09:00-09:50 (under 4s)

10:00-10:50 (under 6s)


'I want to compliment the Junior Kickers coaches, they are excellent. I enjoy their coaching, they are personable, approachable & I love the structure of the sessions each week. Ethan has a ball!'


May 2016

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